Formal Launch of Self Defense Training Program

The virtual programme will be launched by Kiran Bedi, who is India’s first woman IPS Officer, the former Lt. Governor of Puducherry and Founder of the India Vision Foundation! ... India's pressing need for a meticulously designed self-defense training program for women has found a formidable answer. In a groundbreaking move, the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) is on the cusp of unveiling a nationwide self-defense initiative, accessible both in-person and virtually. The virtual launch, held at the FICCI Federation House on October 12, was presided over by none other than Kiran Bedi, India's pioneering woman IPS Officer, former Lt. Governor of Puducherry, and the visionary founder of the India Vision Foundation. Accompanying her were notable figures: Jalaj Dani (President Emeritus, SPEFL-SC), Neeraj Jain (President, SPEFL-SC), Poonam Sharma (Vice-President, FICCI Ladies Organisation), Dr. Anubhuti Chauhan (President, Arunodaya Foundation), and Tahsin Zahid (CEO, SPEFL-SC).

SPEFL-SC Clinches Top Honors at Indian CSR Awards 2023.

SPEFL-SC has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional contributions as it was named one of the "TOP 20 BEST NGO’S OF THE YEAR 2023! ... SPEFL-SC (Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council) has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional contributions as it was named one of the "TOP 20 BEST NGO’S OF THE YEAR 2023" at the prestigious Indian CSR Awards 2023 On October 7th, 2023, at the elegant setting of Hotel Hyatt Centric in New Delhi, SPEFL-SC was bestowed with this esteemed recognition. The NGO's unwavering commitment to promoting sports, physical education, fitness, and leisure skills has made a profound impact on communities across the nation. The Indian CSR Awards ceremony, attended by influential figures from various sectors, underscored SPEFL-SC's outstanding achievements in the realm of corporate social responsibility. This accolade serves as a testament to the organization's dedication to creating healthier and more active lifestyles while fostering positive societal change. SPEFL-SC expressed gratitude for the honor and pledged to continue its mission of empowering individuals through sports and fitness. This accolade reinforces the pivotal role that organizations like SPEFL-SC play in shaping a more inclusive and active society.

SPEFL-SC Advocates for Sports as a Tool for Social Change at Asia's Largest CSR Forum - The India CSR Summit

New Delhi, October 13, 2023 – The Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) proudly participated! ... SPEFL-SC, a leading organization in promoting sports, physical education, fitness, and leisure skills, seized the opportunity to highlight the importance of CSR in enhancing the well-being of communities and fostering holistic development. By participating in this momentous event, SPEFL-SC showcased its commitment to social responsibility and its contributions towards uplifting society through sports and physical education initiatives. During the summit, SPEFL-SC actively engaged in meaningful discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations who share their vision of a healthier and more active society. The council also presented its innovative projects and initiatives aimed at promoting physical fitness and sports education across India. SPEFL-SC envisions a future where sports, physical education, and fitness become an integral part of every individual's life. Their presence at the India CSR Summit reiterates their commitment to this vision and their role in fostering a culture of corporate responsibility.

Make in India initiative transcends the boundaries of manufacturing industry

The 'Make in India' initiative transcends the boundaries of manufacturing industry and now slowly extends to the biggest strength of our country, the youth of the nation! ... With the advent of 'Youthpreneur,' a great initiative by the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, Haryana in collaboration with the SPEFL-SC, the local youth was empowered with the knowledge and skills to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. No other place than the beautiful hill destination of Morni in Haryana, was better suited to bless such a forward looking initiative of the government. With the innumerable possibilities of Adventure and Eco-Tourism in its vicinity, the Morni hills hosted the intensive short-term training for the vibrant young aspiring entrepreneurs of Haryana. Unlike the conventional trainings, the 'Youthpreneur' is an 'experiential learning' program where a perfect balance of theory and practical are blended together. The program focused on the holistic development rather than limiting just to the technical skills of adventure and eco-tourism sector. Public speaking, personality development, principles of management, online-offline marketing and promotions are some of the most important entrepreneurial skills that the learners acquired at the end of the training program

Sports & Fitness Sector Skill Council (SPEFL-SC) organized an online...

Sports & Fitness Sector Skill Council (SPEFL-SC) organized an online recruitment drive on 31st March 2022 to provide candidates a great opportunity to connect with the employer! ... SPEFL-SC collaborated with SportzVillage for their requirement of 40 vocational physical activity trainers in the state of Maharashtra. We are overwhelmed by the response we received in the form of applications from the candidates. With the help of the award-winning online job portal, SportZgrid (, a seamless job application platform was offered to all the job aspirants across the country. From the comfort of their homes, all job seekers were able to successfully complete their application on the portal and upload their certificates and resumes at the touch of a button.

Assessment of candidates under Samagra Shikhsa Abhiyan Scheme

Assessment is an important tool for teachers, students, parents and the governing body in order to raise the standards of learning across the school community. ... In continuation of our previous academic sessions, we successfully conducted Practical Assessments of 3243 school students in the last quarter of 2021-22. These assessments covered 37 districts of two states i.e. Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh under Samagra Shiksha Scheme. In this quarter, we also conducted 1002 assessments under Self Paid/Non-PMKVY Scheme.