List of International Sector Skill Councils

SSC Contact Details

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Australia Service Skills Australia
Australia AgriFood Skills Australia
Australia Constructon & Property
Australia Energy
Australia Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council
Australia Manufacturing Skills Australia
Australia Innovation & Business Skills Australia
Australia Government Skills Australia
Australia Transport & Logistics Industry Skill Council
Australia ForestWork Learning and Skill Development
Australia Skills DMC
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Canada Aboriginal Human Resource Council
Canada Apparel Human Resources Council
Canada BioTalent Canada
Canada Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Canada Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
Canada Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
Canada Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace
Canada Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
Canada Canadian Plastics Sector Council
Canada Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council
Canada Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress
Canada Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council
Canada Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
Canada Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council
Canada Child Care Human Resources Sector Council
Canada Construction Sector Council
Canada Contact Centre Canada
Canada Cultural Human Resources Council
Canada Environmental Careers Organization of Canada
Canada Electricity Human Resources Canada
Canada Food Processing HR Council
Canada Forest Products Sector Council
Canada Forum for International Trade Training
Canada HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector
Canada Information and Communications Technology Council
Canada Mining Industry Human Resources Council
Canada Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (BUS)
Canada Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada
Canada Police Sector Council
Canada Textiles Human Resources Council
Canada Wood Manufacturing Council
Canada Installation, Maintenance and Repair Sector Council
Canada Asia-Pacific Gateway Skills Table
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Netherlands Calibri
Netherlands Ecabo
Netherlands Fundeon
Netherlands Innvovam
Netherlands KCH
Netherlands Kenwerk
Netherlands KOC Nederland
Netherlands PMLF
Netherlands Savantis
Netherlands SH&M
Netherlands SVGB
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New Zealand Agro ITO
New Zealand Apparel and Textile ITO
New Zealand Aviation, Tourism and Travel ITO
New Zealand Building & Construction ITO
New Zealand Building Service Contractors ITO
New Zealand Careerforce
New Zealand Communications & Media ITO
New Zealand Competenz
New Zealand Electricity Supply ITO
New Zealand Equine
New Zealand Extractive ITO
New Zealand EMQUAL ITO
New Zealand Flooring ITO
New Zealand FITEC
New Zealand Funeral Services Training Trust of NZ
New Zealand Hairdressing ITO
New Zealand Horticulture ITO
New Zealand Hospitality Standards Institute
New Zealand Infratrain
New Zealand Joinery ITO
New Zealand Learning State
New Zealand Local Government ITO
New Zealand NZITO
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UK Science based industries
UK Creative Skillsets
UK Asset Skills
UK Financial Skills
UK Care & Development skills
UK Construction Skills
UK Food & Drink skills
UK Skills for Health
UK Creative & Cultural Skills
UK Land based & environement skills
UK Skill for justice
UK IT Skills
UK Hospitality
UK Logistics Skills
UK Energy & Utility
UK Manufacturing, Engineering & Science
UK Building Service & Engineering
UK Sports, Fitness & Outdoors