Education for Sports and Sports for Education

The Education Sector may lie at the Centre of future promotion of sport from an early age. Schools can have a key role to play in a national sport system:

Physical education provides the basic grounding in physical literacy that underpins a young person’s development in sport; School facilities can be developed and opened for use by the community; Schools can aim to introduce children to as wide a range of sports as possible so that they can find the one that can become a lifelong interest; Educational Institute can build links with local communities and sports clubs, integrating their provision and helping young people to find pathways to continue their enjoyment of sport and to progress if they have the talent;

Schools have a management structure and can be the basis for sports employment:

They can employ as o physical education teachers; o sports coaches o development staff running community sports programmes and outreach activity; o facility operational staff etc.

  1. Sports, when included alongside the academic curriculum can provide the learner with an alternate, legitimate and dignified employment opportunity.
  2. Physical activity is scientifically known to have improved academic performance. Thus increasing the chances of employment for the trainees who otherwise remain at the bottom of the academic ladder.
  3. Attitudinal restructuring and mindset development of the community and society at large can be well achieved by making sports and physical fitness an intrinsic part of the education system. Institutional offering of sports along with education will certainly make way for greater acceptance as a viable career option, which in the first place is the single most important priority of any Indian child opting to continue education, or even discontinue it for that matter.
  4. As a result, Sport for Development policies and programs aimed at influencing academic, economic and health outcomes are most effective when they are firmly rooted in an empirical, gender and culturally sensitive analysis rather than the current national one for all solutions approach.
  5. The other major disadvantage of the fledgling sports sector in India is the lack of data and cross synergies between different sports federations, sports colleges, sports authorities and other stakeholders.