Nutrition & Diet

Balanced nutrition & diet is the secret to your overall wellness. Discover the amazing world of nutrition & nurture with IWFF.

Nutrition & diet are perhaps the most neglected (willfully) aspect of healthy life in our country & more so for the womenfolk. Getting mocked for being diet conscious or overeating is something many of us are aware of. But, nutrition too is neglected by almost all the people that we know. Diet and nutrition are something most women are usually aware of, but getting the specifics is immense. It is well known that fad diets capitalize on this made-up insecurity of having the 'perfect body' while willfully not mentioning the importance of following proper guidelines for diet. IWFF emphasises this critical aspect of any women's life. IWFF platform hosts professionals and well-known personalities talking and giving a various perspective about all things related to overall women's dietary needs. While many women do head over to the gym and practice different fitness regimes, IWFF experts will give insight and guidance into their overall nutrition and diet to augment overall health progress.


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