About Us

International Women's Fitness Festival (IWFF) is a unique initiative supported by the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness & Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) to bring about a paradigm shift in fitness- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physiological- of the women population.  

IWFF aims to curate exclusive events - online and offline - to promote and create awareness about various topics that positively impacts a woman. The 1st series of events will be launched on a virtual platform with activities and workshops by leading industry experts such as celebrity fitness trainers, mental health specialists, mindfulness experts, renowned nutritionists, wellness coaches, gynaecologists, endocrinologists , financial experts and much more. The intent is to empower the women population with knowledge on all aspects of life.


Our vision is to be most women centric- community where women find solutions , overcome challenges and be a support system for each other.


To empower, enrich and enable women for their wellbeing in areas of physical, mental, emotional, financial, legal, medical and professional.

Mental Wellbeing 

Mental wellbeing is as crucial as physical health for a well-rounded life. Nurture your inner self for a happy you with IWFF's specially curated sessions.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical fitness is the basis for a fitter body and mind. A fit body helps you channelize yourself towards a positive frame of mind.

Nutrition and Diet

Balanced nutrition & diet is the secret to your overall wellness. Discover the amazing world of nutrition & nurture with IWFF.


Internet doesn't give all the answers always. Authentic knowledge about health problems from established healthcare professionals will help you manage your life with less stress.


Shweta Rai


Shweta is a passionate professional with more than 17 years of cross-industry, cross-functional experience, including E-commerce, Insurance, Telecom, Consulting, Business Development & Auditing. Having spent over a decade in Corporate across KPO/BPO/ITES/Operations & Consulting, she successfully launched herself as an Entrepreneur in 2016 with two startups under her belt.


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