Attacks occur without warning, and when individuals least expect it. In India, these attacks are all the more common. The incidences against children and women are rising at an alarming rate.

While this is a scary fact, Safety has become a question mark. We must protect ourselves, defend ourselves and should also be capable to defend our loved ones.

SPEFL STRIKE Self Defense programme is based on best of self defense techniques from various Martial arts including Kali, Krav Maga, Silat, Wing Chun etc. Unlike Judo, Karate, Taekwondo etc.,SPEFL STRIKE training is not intended for sport, but is pure Self Defense. Self Defense is a #1 LIFE SKILL today.

The training combines the best of all martial arts, street fighting and Self Defense system. It relies on simple, instinctive body movements rather than rigid techniques requiring years of training. It is easy to learn and retain, can be performed naturally & intuitively and as a result, men, women, kids are currently moving in to use these Self Defense techniques.

The training team has experts from Army, Corporates and Education Domains. Hence the curriculum has been designed after years of research to meet the exact requirement of the changing society.

Lt. Col (Retd). Sanjay Panwar

Head - Self Defense, SPEFL-SC



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