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All India Council of Physical Education

All India Council of Physical Education has been constituted by Academically highly qualified professionals of the Physical Education to promote and encourage the physical education, moral education, health education, cultural education and the interdisciplinary subjects for research and studies to the boys, girls teachers of physical education for the development of good health and better citizenship. The Non-professional persons with their political clouts are managing the highest institution of the Physical Education. Where as they do not have any academic professional qualification as per the University Grants Commission. The AICPE will be also be taking care of the Professionals of the Physical Education. Where in it is committed to promote and encourage the other allied subjects of Physical Education for the career prospects of the duly qualified professionals of Physical Education.

Skills Active

SkillsActive is officially recognised as the Sector Skills Council (SSC*) for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being is made up of seven sectors: sport, fitness, outdoors, playwork, caravans, hair and beauty.

Australian Industry and Skills Committee established

The establishment of the Committee delivers on the commitment made by Commonwealth and state and territory skills ministers last year to streamline governance arrangements and put industry at the centre of the vocational education and training (VET) system. The new Committee will provide advice to governments on VET policy and give industry a stronger voice in the vocational education and training system, to help ensure it is efficient and effective in delivering the job-ready workers that industry needs. It will take on some of the work of the dissolved National Skills Standards Council.

Canada Skills Commission

Skills Canada is a national organization that actively promotes skilled trades and technology careers to Canadian youth. The WSCC encourages youth to participate in this organization, and helps run the Workplace Safety skills category.