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SPEFL-SC Job Description and Person SpecificationPlease note the listing of duties and result areas are not meant to limit staff or an exhaustive list but only a broad indication of the scope of the role.

REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer

Role Purpose:

  • Building of partnerships for the SSC in order to help the SSC in achieving its vision.

  • Bringing out authoritative research publication on skill landscape of sports.

  • Exploring opportunities in the skill market that can be helpful in the growth of the SSC.

  • Identification of skill development needs and preparing a catalogue of skill types.

  • Develop a sector skill development plan and maintain skill inventory.

  • Storage and exchange of industry data, workforce data and career related data across all industry segments.

  • Build and drive all the marketing related activities.

  • Delivery time bound outcomes as per the business plan ensuring that the entire process is consultative and includes feedback from the industry.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Prepare and implement a marketing plan for selling the concept of the SSC to the stakeholders across the value chain, as well as for selling accreditation and evaluation norms to the training providers.

  2. Market the concept of certified workforce to the employers and the industry at large.

  3. Carry out meaningful survey to locate prospective partners on the resource side, training side, technology side and the standards and evaluation side.

  4. Be the anchor for all partnering activities of the organization and source the legal and other compliances needed for doing so.

  5. Source and build strong partnerships with the supply side for trainee mobilization and with the market side for employment generation.

  6. Track and maximise partner impact and report to the organization.

  7. Prepare and ensure carrying out of RPL programs in coordination with various identified stakeholders on a time bound manner.


Person Specification: Qualifications/Competencies/Skills

Experience & Qualifications

  1. MBA in Marketing, Qualification or Experience in Development of Communication will be an advantage
  2. Minimum 4-5 years of progressive experience in marketing and branding
  3. Experience in event management from conceptualization to execution leading to generation of interest and revenues
  4. People’s person with good communication skills and ability to capture information and perspectives
  5. Experience in dealing with both national and international agencies
  6. Working knowledge of government schemes and the sector will be an advantage

Skills & Competencies

Technical Knowledge Skills

  • Communication & Documentation
  • Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Use of Social Media
  • Excellent use of IT Skills including knowledge of publishing and printing software


  • People’s person, Active listener and Good communication skills
  • Creative, Go getter with the ability to meet deadlines and ‘get things done’
  • Passionate about working with people and impacting the lives of the people at the bottom of pyramid

Generic / Managerial

  • Ability to front face with stakeholders as required
  • Ability to effectively deal with large and small groups.
  • Ability to deal with different internal as well as external stake holders.
  • Ability to deal with different Government officials and departments at state level.
  • Must have demonstrated multi-tasking abilities and be able to work both independently and with a group.
  • Ability to drive and motivate the co-workers and teams to successfully meet all project deadlines
  • Team Player

SPEFL-SC Job Description and Person SpecificationPlease note the listing of duties and result areas are not meant to limit staff or an exhaustive list but only a broad indication of the scope of the role.


REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer

Role Purpose:

  • Design and implement a rigorous quality assurance framework for all skill development initiatives within the company.

  • Facilitate planning and organizing sessions or workshops that lead to an emphasis on quality and capacities to monitor quality

  • Develop methods, systems and procedures for quality assurance and reporting in programme delivery that meet the varied requirements of partners and stakeholders.

  • Analyse the primary data available with the SSC and provide strategic insights and inputs on progress, quality and future directions.

  • Support integrated strategic planning at system and at SSC level.

  • Periodically undertake a desk-review of relevant information and data and studies generated by both the public and private sector on skill development, employment, un-employment and livelihood challenges in both rural and urban settings and provide succinct inputs based on the same.

  • Focus not merely on monitoring of progress but on impact of programmes.

  • Attend periodic meetings with NSDC, NSDA and Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship in order to take note of SSC specific actionable points.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Development of QP-NOS

    • Carry out research and analysis of Sector and occupational needs

    • Identify the key stakeholders and inform of project including seek advice of key stakeholders on membership of Subject Matter Expert Groups (SMEG) to develop the business case for NOS development – and to get industry engagement.

    • Identify contractors for developing QP-NOS by issuing a Request for Proposal or Request for Tender, as per prescribed format, to seek vendor proposals.

    • Identify a representative sample of business leaders, designated industry representatives, employers to engage in NOS development.

    • Identify other key stakeholders who could be helpful in the development process, e.g., training providers.

    • Actively consult to elicit comment on Drafts, for example hold face to face workshops in relevant locations around India.

    • Make Drafts available on the SSC website together with a structured feedback tool that poses key questions about the QP and its NOS for consultation as well as Collect and listen to feedback on drafts.

    • Consolidate feedback and issues for consideration and advice of SMEG.

    • Use visits to sample work sites to conduct detailed testing of the draft qualifications and content of NOS

    • Finalization of QP-NOS and getting the same approved through the QP-NOS Committee

    • Develop an Occupational map and Functional Analysis along with other development methodologies with the assistance of a facilitator, identifying the occupations that make up a sector.

    • Develop Model Curriculum, Instructor’s Guide and Participants’ Handbook

  1. Approval of QP-NOS

    • Coordinate with NSDC’s QRC team to get the validation of the QP-NOS within the prescribed timelines.

    • Coordinate with NSDA team to ensure a stakeholders meeting is scheduled and conducted post validation from NSDC.

    • Ensure all feedback from the stakeholders are collected and all inputs are incorporated in the QP-NOS within the prescribed timelines, keeping NSDA team informed.

    • Ensure getting the QP-NOS approved in the NSQC meeting as and when it gets conducted, in order to place the QP-NOS successfully in the NQR

  1. Reviewing of Existing QP-NOS

    • Conduct periodic review of existing approved QP-NOS before the expiry date.

    • Coordinate with Industry Experts to make changes as per the existing market to the QP-NOS

    • Place the amended QP-NOS in front of QP-NOS committee to take approval on the same.

    • Get the amended QP-NOS approved as per the prescribed process

  1. Quality Assurance in Programme Delivery

      • Develop and implement methods, systems and procedures for quality assurance in project delivery.

      • Institutionalise quality assurance systems and procedures across both public and private sector initiatives through documentation, orientation, training and other capacity building activities;

      • Organise periodic quality monitoring and audit visits to programme locations to support and facilitate the centre and state teams to deliver programmes in compliance with agreed upon and set quality standards;

      • Manage the monitoring and reporting of the volume plan for all centres.

      • Risk evaluation, assessment & introduction of corrective measures.

      • Implement and improve the systems and processes on a regular basis not limited to the requirements of stakeholders or partners and to integrate these into the quality assurance system.

      • Facilitate inclusion of and adoption of quality assurance processes and integration into the MIS of not merely public but private sector contracts as well.

  1. Managing internal and external reporting

      • Prepare for and attend all weekly/monthly review meetings

      • Primary responsibility for external reporting to all stakeholders and in particular government agencies like NSDC and NSDA.

  1. Strategic Insight

    • Identify, benchmark and document best practices that contribute to smooth & efficient delivery;

    • Facilitate identification of next practices that could lead to improvements in programme design, delivery and impact;

    • Facilitate impact assessments through sample interviews, case studies or structured questionnaires to lead to improved delivery and design of programmes;

    • Dissemination of best practices across the SSC;

    • Suggest based on secondary review of documents, new geographies, target groups and job roles in the sector to consider

Person Specification: Qualifications/Competencies/Skills

Experience & Qualifications : 7-8 yrs of experience is required with at least 4 yrs in Sector Skill Council

Skills & Competencies

  • Excellent communication & people skills, driven by time bound targets.

  • Good understanding of the quality assurance process.

  • Knowledge of working at grass root level.

  • Previous experience in vocational training space will be an advantage.

  • Excellent IT skills; particularly MS Office

  • Ability to effectively deal with large and small group.

  • Ability to deal with different internal as well as external stake holders.
  • Ability to deal with different Government officials and departments at state level.
  • Must have demonstrated multi-tasking abilities and be able to work both independently and with a group.

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